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Gainsborough Based Gym Website Packs a Punch!

Creating A Strong Personal Training Brand

For you, I’m about to uncover some of the key elements of building a personal training brand that alludes many as I describe digital marketing components needed and a personal story of working with one of my favourite clients.


This spring I started working with the fabulous Thomas Barber at eatmovelift  to build his new gyms brand  website, the chap is an absolute champion of Kettlebell/Girya lifting (I struggle making it past 10 burpees myself) and he has to his absolute credit worked tirelessly in the last few months setting up his new fitness business along the River Trent in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Cheers to you Tom!

Head In The Game

It has to be said it’s the best feeling working with clients who know what they want to achieve from their business with a clear list of goals. Naturally, Tom’s background as a personal trainer helped build a mantra of setting goals and achieving them. So when he offered the chance to work with him on giving his new venture a brand and of course, a web design – I jumped.

Building A Strong Identity, Knowing Who You Are

Tom’s requirements were smartly set out to reflect his target audience. He wanted his personal training and fitness business brand to reflect his holistic approach to exercise. He predominantly works with clients on a one to one basis or in group sessions. He makes use of equipment such as kettlebells (girya), Indian clubs and maces.

So this wasn’t your typical gym, with weights and mirrors. It appeals to a different type of audience. It required an avoidance of the albeit stereotypical gym colour of reds and blacks. He wanted it to look natural and give a nod to the type of fitness training he’s dedicated too.

By knowing who you are, how you encourage your customers and the types of individuals that approach you for help. You know the identity and feel of your brand. There’s a world of difference between classes that have you running through mud until exhaustion and training using 20th-century techniques of body building

The Logo Decision

The final logo also appeared in some of the original concepts and it really stuck with Tom, It was soft-edged and the colouration across the typography (“cocogoose”) almost showed the progression from soft and easy and comfortable training right through to a more accomplished athlete.


Building The Gym Website

From the early stages of development, I spoke to Tom about the importance of engaging his target audience by addressing the “What’s, How’s, Why’s” of his business, and how it fit’s the solution they’re looking for. The content on each page was designed to fit this model. It was important to ensure the beginnings of a marketing funnel within the website were in place. (This is something I talk about in my free e-book “Planning Your Business Website” – sorry for the plug, I had to. It’s my job.)

I provided Tom with a website visual ~(below) on that basis. Showing how even something simple as a gym website homepage can offer to solve problems and encourage a user to take action.  Tom loved the design, the colours married his logo perfectly – whilst only a concept it showed what was possible.

Gym Website Concept

Top Tip For Digital Marketing For Your Website

It’s important as I divulged to Tom that any page starts with addressing what purpose you’re serving, and who the site is aimed at. You’ll of taken note that the visual above talks about getting stronger by a different and holistic approach to training. The rest of the landing page is then sectioned in addressing to the visitor, with how you’ll achieve your goals and it even offers them something for free in return for a name and email address.

By offering value to a prospective customer, you can begin to build an email list that you can market more effectively too. You’ll  notice I’ve created the same value offering on this blog. I’ve offered you a free website and marketing ebook – In hope that you’ll join my marketing list. It’s a strategy that’s tested in digital marketing and is effective at getting you speaking to those warmer leads you’re looking for. After all, it’s about building gym membership.

The Result

After the approval of the design concept,  I got to work  – liaising with Tom to ensure the site was meeting deadlines and still matched the core visual whilst stock images were replaced with his own imagery (something I can’t stress the importance of anymore – we’re all wise to cheesy stock images these days). It still retained that marketing funnel which makes the difference.

The final site can be viewed here.

The most enjoyable part of this project was working with a client that absolutely new the power of social media on the success of his business and marketing. Backing that up with a website that’s designed to convert by describing the results and appealing to desires is a much better route to success than simply describing the features and facilities. So here I’d like to thank Tom again for being such a wonderful client – it’s really a pleasure.

Your Gym Website

At this point, I’d like to reach out to those with existing websites for their gyms that aren’t seeing much traffic and offer them a phone call with me to discuss their site and look at potential solutions to improvement. It’s not going to cost you anything (besides your phone bill of course) and you might get some great advice! Remember to download the free ebook (plugged earlier) and if you can take away one thing from that or by talking to me about your digital presence, I’ll be thrilled – really.

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